Cédric Noël

Cédric Noël (b. 1978, Argenteuil FR) is a visual artist interested in the nature of images, and more specifically in the mental processes involved in the production and the reception of an image. His work is inspired by methods used in the scientific field of research, which he reinvests in new forms shaped by language. Art studies at La Villa Arson (Nice FR) and Laureat of the HISK (Antwerpen BE). Exhibitions at BOZAR (Brussels BE), ERBAN (Nantes FR), CAC (Vilnius LT), ISELP (Brussels BE), Contour Biennale (Mechelen BE), Emergent Gallery (Veurne BE) Museum of Architecture (Tallinn BE),... Current associate professor at ENSAV La Cambre, Urban Space Dept, Brussels, BE.